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The leader in air precleaners for over forty years, now offers a complete line of air filters and accessories to create superior dirt protection for your product. Visit Precleaner Page

Air Filtration

The objective of an engine air intake system is to eliminate solid particles from reaching the engine while still allowing sufficient air for efficient combustion of the fuel. Visit Filter Page


Oodles & Oodles of rubber connectors, expanders, reducers, elbows, and flex tubes. Many sizes from large to small. Give us a call.
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Enginaire’s Cabaire™ cab pressurization system is a self contained pressure pump with our proven filter technologies providing clean pressurized air so the operator can "Breathe Easy". Visit Cabaire Page

About Enginaire

Enginaire PrecleanerSince 1972 Enginaire Clean Air Systems of Janesville, Wisconsin has been manufacturing and designing air intake systems and accessories for diesel and gas engines powering mobile and stationary equipment that operate in extreme conditions. For industrial applications, Enginaire air intake systems are used in dehumidifying plants, dryers, feed units and compressors to name a few. Enginaire design and manufacturing capabilities include standard or custom air cleaning and collection using the latest high strength plastics as well as fabricated metal configurations.

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Enginaire precleaners are designed to remove up to 97% of air borne debris from the incoming air before it enters the air induction system of the engine. Enginaire precleaners are available with heavy duty aluminum and stainless steel construction for severe environments such as mining, construction, and forestry. Enginaire precleaners are also available in a low-cost composite material for applications where exposure to damage is minimal.

Enginaire has long been the leader

in highly efficient plastic and metal precleaners holding more patents than any other manufacturer. Plus we offer a complete line of adapters, restriction indicators and both standard and heavy duty replacements for competitors air cleaners.
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