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How Cab Pressurization WorksCabaire LogoEnginaire’s Cabaire™ cab pressurization unit (ECP) combines our proven air precleaner with our proven VLR air filter system to give you a very efficient self contained filter air pump. As air is drawn into the air conditioner, the Cabaire removes the large dirt particles with the built in centrifugal precleaner.

The air is then filtered and blown into the air conditioner intake duct with our self contained air pump. All in a very small space. By having a positive pressure on the incoming air chamber, the air conditioner can do it’s job easier with less power required. Even when the air conditioner is not being used, the clean air from the ECP is blown into the cab creating a positive pressure which prevents dirt from entering the cab through leaks in it’s doors and other spaces.

Also works great to keep dust out of other enclosures like electrical boxes, instrument panels, computer rooms, etc.

Enginaire’s Cabaire™ uses it’s own high pressure air pump not a fan to deliver a high volume of dual filtered air into your enclosure which then has a positive air pressure on the inside. When the enclosure has a positive pressure, dirt is forced out of the doors, windows, and other unsealed areas instead of being drawn into the enclosure. You stay clean, your electronics and other instruments stay clean, while you “breathe easy”.

Enginaire’s Cabaire™ is available in 12/24 volt DC for mobile equipment, and 115 volt AC for in plant use. Cabaire incorporates Enginaire’s proven air precleaner along with it’s patented inline filter to make a highly efficient pressurizer which takes up very little space.
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