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Composite Precleaner

Composite Precleaner

Enginaire precleaners are designed to remove most of the contaminants from the air that feeds the engine. 

The advantages of removing the contaminants are extended filter life, improved fuel economy, reduced emissions, reduced maintenance costs, AND LONGER ENGINE LIFE.

The Enginaire precleaner is designed to operate at a maximum contaminant rejection efficiency with a minimum air restriction allowing for optimum engine performance.  Turbochargers, blowers, cylinder liners, piston rings, and engine oil fail because of contamination.  There is an Enginaire precleaner available to fit virtually all engine applications.

“I used to tell my customers to look at their air filter every day and change it every couple weeks  Now I tell them, change it once a year whether it needs it or not.”           – Lawn Mower Manufacturer


  • Enginaire Composite Precleaners come in sizes to fit intakes from 1 1/2″ to 6″
  • Enginaire Composite Precleaners will handle air flows from 3 to 900 CFM
  • Enginaire Composite Precleaners have been independently tested and proven superior
  • Enginaire Composite Precleaners come with a NO HASSLE LIFETIME WARRANTY

Choose the size that best fits your needs:

composite precleaners

Enginaire Clean Air Systems also builds adapters to fit your machines

For information please contact us at: cleanair@enginaire.com