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Dust Load Indicator

Enginaire Dust Load indicators take
the guess work out of changing filters.

Did you know that an air filter is the least efficient when it is new? It’s true, air filters need some dirt to work better. The dust particles that accumulate on the surface of the paper actually close off part of the openings in the paper. This means the particle size of the dust that can get past must be smaller than the original opening (porosity) of the paper. Enginaire precleaners eliminate the large particles of dust from prematurely closing off the filter, while allowing smaller particles to adhere to the paper media and create more efficient filtration.

  • When should you change an air filter?

    Many people believe that if a filter looks dirty it is no longer working and should be changed. As stated above, filters need dirt to work properly. The key is knowing when the filter is so dirty that to much energy is required by the engine to draw in air that it no longer functions at it’s designed performance level.
  • Should you remove a filter to examine it?

    NO, never remove a filter until you are sure it needs to be replaced. Most dust and dirt that enters your engine comes from over servicing the air filter. When an air filter is removed, it’s seal is broken and dust and dirt that is in the air filter canister, now has a clear path into your engine.
  • How do you clean an air filter?

    NEVER use high powered air or “bang” it against something hard! By doing so you can tear the paper or damage the sealing area and thus render the filter worse than useless. Paper filters can be cleaned by carefully vacuuming their surface with a soft brush and thus remove loose dust.

Use an Enginaire Dust Load Indicator (DLI) to tell you when to change the filter. Enginaire Dust Load Indicators take the guess work out of air filter changes. The DLI is a vacuum sensitive device that “pops” of and shows you red when it is time to change filters. If it is not red, don’t open the filter and allow more dirt to enter into the engine. If it is red, carefully remove the filter cover and immediately vacuum the canister to remove loose dirt. Then slowly remove the filter being careful not to disturb the dirt that may have become caked around the seal of the filter. Again vacuum the canister, and then wipe the sealing area with a damp cloth to insure no dirt can get into your engine. Replace the filter immediately with either a new one or one that has been properly cleaned.

The way to insure the longest life from you air filters and engines is to use Enginaire Precleaners to remove the large particles of dust from the air stream before they enter the system and prematurely over load the filter, then use an Enginaire Dust Load Indicator to tell you when to change the filter. You will increase service life of your air filters and equipment while at the same time decrease maintenance

  • Enginaire Dust Load Indicators
  • Manual pop-up or electrical switch styles
  • 1/8 NPT male or female mounting
  • Available 10″ H2O, 20″ H2O, 25″ H2O